• Anna Akumova

Why Your Amazon Listing Needs a Video + 5 Video Types That Actually Drive Sales

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Here’s the hard truth: someone’s already selling the same product as you are. And for you to outsell your competitor on Amazon, you just need to beat the way they sell it. How can you do that?

First, you need to understand 2 major trends that define today’s consumers’ journey:

1. People have become research-obsessed, even about the small stuff. Especially deal seekers – 63% of these shoppers say they research before they buy to ensure they’re making the best choice possible.

2. And yet people are making decisions faster than ever before, which brings us to the second trend – impatience. “Increasingly, consumers expect brands to intuitively know what they need when they need it, and deliver it instantly” – says Dennis Maloney, SVP & Chief Digital Officer at Domino's Pizza.

So it is no longer enough just to grab the attention of our potential customer – you need to convince him to choose your product over the others he’s already researched about, and do it fast.

And there’s nothing better than video to do that. Here’s why:

1. Video inspires action.

Data shows that consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.

2. Video can tell a story.

And stories make us emotional. “Decision-making is not a rational process, but one driven mainly by how people feel. The rational brain layers on reasons for our choices only after they’re made” says Justin De Graaf, Head of Ads Research and Insights at Google. Video is a great tool to evoke a certain feeling or emotion especially if your product is for pets and babies – those are too cute not to fall in love with!

3. Video answers questions in a straightforward and visual way.

Consumers are as curious as ever, they want answers and they want them now! With carefully crafted narration you can cover all the topics your buyer may be wondering about within a minute or two, instead of hoping they would submit their answer and wait for your response which can come long after they’ve made a purchase from someone else.

4. Videos help you nail the first impression

Whether you like it or not, we judge things by how they look. And because this is not a physical store where you have a chance to win someone’s heart (and wallet) by how stunning your product actually looks, but a virtual one, the way the visual content in your Amazon listing looks – that’s what people are gonna judge your product by.